Brighton – 5 reasons why you should visit ‘London-by-the-sea’

I think most of us has that certain city or town they visited many times yet never fully appreciated. We mostly go there to work, school, to take care of some sort of business. We don’t really know or are not interested in what it has to offer. For me, Brighton was sort of like … More Brighton – 5 reasons why you should visit ‘London-by-the-sea’

Eastbourne Pier

Pier is not an unusual feature of the landscape when it comes to the British coast. If you look at the map, every bigger coastal city has (or had) the pier. Eastbourne Pier is a typical example of an English pier. We can find there: fish and chips restaurant, cafe, souvenirs’ shops, sweets’ shops, vast victorian tea rooms, pub, club and a tower on top of which there is a camera obscura. … More Eastbourne Pier

Christmas adventure

In general, my blog is supposed to be about England, rather than about me. However, if there’s one thing that you should know about me, it will be the fact that I adore Christmas. Absolutely, implicitly and eternally. ‘Home alone’, ‘Elf’, mulled wine, Christmas tree, Christmas presents, Christmas decorations, Christmas carols… yep, that’s sooo me … More Christmas adventure