Pevensey Castle – a sightseeing pit stop on the map of East Sussex

When I hear the word ‘castle’, a few of them come to my mind, and all are from… Game of Thrones :P! But since I am in England, I managed to visit quite a few real castles. One of them was Pevensey Castle, which is the closest one to Eastbourne. Again, I was oblivious to its existence until the day I first got on board of 124 East Sussex Tourist Trail bus service.


Pevensey Castle is quite small, however it is surrounded by vast grounds and a moat.


When I visited it, available were one exhibition room and what was boldly named ‘the dungeon’, which was only a bit bigger than… the cupboard under the stairs.


There are big grounds inside, with the remains of the buildings once being a part of the castle as well as a few cannons – an obligatory item at every castle.


Would I go there again? Not too convinced. It is a lovely place but can’t be compared to other, most significant castles on the map of the UK. But if you are unsure if you should see it – don’t make it your priority. Pevensey Castle will be the perfect destination for a Sunday trip but preferably as a stop on the way to some other destination, like Lewes, for example. And the entrance fee is only around £7.00 for an adult.


I am going to be perfectly honest – castles are not my favourite part of sightseeing. Probably because most of the ones I’ve seen so far were ruins. Such a shame to see once-grandeur buildings destroyed. It does make me sad wishing I could have visited them at the times of their greatness. Yet, admiring the surrounding view from the castle towers is entirely a different story 😉

To find out more about Pevensey Castle – see its English Heritage website.








St Mary’s Church in Westham, right next to the Pevensey Castle


The Long Man of Wilmington – an 18th century hill figure, one of two in East Sussex




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