Arlington – Bluebell carpet of East Sussex

Last year, a friend of mine said to me: ‘I saw this picture of bluebells on Facebook recently. Looks cool! Shall we go?’ Such a shame she said it in Summer, long after they bloom. But in my little complicated mind of checklists and bucket lists this information got noted and a year after (still can’t believe it’s a year since we had that conversation!) here I am – a bluebell forest!


Bluebells are remarkable plants that pop up in the springtime and form astonishing carpets of blue in the forests. The countries they bloom at are Belgium, the Netherlands, France and of course the United Kingdom. And it is the UK that has the biggest population of this plant. There is even a website with the most popular places you can see them at – Bluebell Woods Near You

East Sussex can be proud of Sheffield Park and Garden but don’t be fooled- you can find bluebells in other places as well. As I like to support local businesses, I’ve decided to visit Arlington Bluebell Walk.


Not only you can see the bluebells there but it is also a little farm – it has pigs, sheep, lambs, cows and all sorts, so if you’ve never seen these, it will be an interesting weekend trip for you and your family. And you can touch them too!



So much there is to see, that one can really get preoccupied. I completely forgot about the whole world and missed the cab I ordered to get me back to the train station. But that gave me the opportunity to once again get lost in the fields. Oh, dear! This time I had to jump over a few fences and go through a corral to make a shortcut and get back on time. I loved every bit of this adventure and had a chance to check up on my fitness as the fences were quite high.

A few tips for the end:

  • Bluebells bloom around April and May so you have around a month to visit any of the bluebell places. Don’t miss out and mark this in your calendar or you will have to wait a year (like me :P).
  • I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s really easy to get to. You can’t get by public transport right in front of the entrance. You have got a choice either to get to Hailsham/Wilmington by bus or Polegate/Berwick by train (if you’re traveling from London that will be a better option). From there your option is a taxi or… an hour and a half walk. The latter is not so bad, trust me 😉
  • Take cash with you – taxi there and back will cost you more than a few pounds and there is no cash point (it’s a farm after all). Also, Bluebar is a cash only place. The ticket booth gives you the option to pay card though.
  • If you’re elderly and not very mobile, don’t give up your hopes – you can still visit Arlington. It’s got plenty of mobility scooters to hire and it’s a cool view to see somebody in the distance speeding through the fields of blue!
  • This should go without saying, but don’t thread on the bluebells. The footpaths are wide enough and the little beauties really won’t bloom next year if you do so!
  • Take your camera with you and enjoy 😊!

















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