Brighton – 5 reasons why you should visit ‘London-by-the-sea’

I think most of us has that certain city or town they visited many times yet never fully appreciated. We mostly go there to work, school, to take care of some sort of business. We don’t really know or are not interested in what it has to offer. For me, Brighton was sort of like that. I only went there on a bigger shopping spree, get something sorted in the tax office or so on. Not many times have I actually gone there to discover the beauty of it. This Summer I decided to break this habit. After all, so many celebrities and MPs can’t be wrong choosing it as one of their favourite places to stay (and party ;)).

So what Brighton has to offer?

Pubs, cafes, shops

It is a great place for all the artists. Little shops with uncanny items, unique cafés and wicked pubs and restaurants will attract every ‘hipster’. I’d venture to say that Brighton could be called ‘a little Camden Town’. It’s just less busy. Of course, there is also a huge mall where you can find the restaurants and stores of the popular chains. Everyone will find something that suits them.







Brighton seafront is full of attractions, especially during Summer time. The Pier is magnificent. It’s got the arcade with a lot of different gaming machines. At the end of it, there is a small amusement park with crazy rides that give you extra thrill because if anything goes wrong you may end up in the English Channel 😉



Royal Pavilion

A beautiful palacelike former royal residence situated in the heart of the city is the symbol of Brighton. Personally, I have not gone to visit the inside yet, but I’ve heard it’s stunning. I must say that the outside, especially the gardens, are one of my favourite spots in this city. And there is of course the Indian Gate.




Every Summer, Brighton holds country’s most popular Pride event. No wonder as Brighton is called ‘a gay capital of the UK’. Some even say it’s one of the best Pride evens in the whole world. And it’s not like you go there only when you are of a different sexual orientation – I even get an impression that it’s attended by more straight people! So what exactly happens during Pride? There are a lot of international stars performances, fundraising for the community and the most flamboyant of all – Pride Parade. Read more about the Pride on its official website

Brighton Pride Parade 2018

British Airways i360

This glass viewing pod situated on the seafront was the main aim of my visit past Summer. I wanted to see the city from above, so I’ve decided that 450 ft (around 137m) is high enough for me ;). Before you get on board, you need to get through security. Also, your picture is taken so that at the very end of your trip you can buy a booklet with your silhouette on different backgrounds. Inside the pod, there is the Nyetimber Sky Bar that serves you drinks and snacks, not complimentary though. The pod can hold up to 200 people and the whole experience lasts around 25 minutes. Back down on earth you can enjoy some of Sussex delicacies in West Beach Bar and Tea Rooms as well as buy some gifts in souvenir shop. I did quite like the whole experience. I have heard however, that this spectacular attraction is not as profitable as it was expected to be. Maybe that’s why tickets are quite expensive (£16.50 per person). The only thing that I did not enjoy is the fact that on all of the pictures taken, you can see the reflections in the glass. I assume it is just me being a fussy customer as this is a case in most of the attractions of this sort ;). It would be nice to have clear snaps of the city view, though!

You can find out more about Brighton and its attractions clicking the link below:









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