Bournemouth – Summertime magic!

I never thought Bournemouth would be a place I would want to visit. Let’s just put it this way: certain circumstances forced me to connect this place with some bad memories. This changed however, when one day I had to travel there in business. I completely fell in love with the view of a sandy beach, which is something I did not get to see very often in England (Eastbourne and Brighton have pebbles instead of the sand). Since my first visit was just a glimpse I said to myself: I will come back for more – and I did!


I started my journey off with a short stroll towards the pier. The whole area around it is huge and there were plenty of seasonal attractions such as Fun Fair for kids, ice cream and street food booths and an Arcade with lots of gaming machines.



The pier itself did not impress me too much. It’s long but lacks attractions. And there is an entrance fee, which in my humble opinion, is a rip off (excuse my language)! There is one thing however, I liked about it – The PierZip situated at the rear. One can ride from the pier to the shore, which is the coolest idea I’ve seen in a while! Apparently, it is the first pier to zip wire.


I am not too good with heights so I’ve chosen a safer option to enjoy the view from above – Ferris wheel.




After experiencing the coastline attractions I have decided to explore the Summer in the city. What else one can see in Bournemouth? The city has stunning churches, like St. Stephen’s Church, St. Andrew’s Church or St. Michael’s Church.


In the city centre there is a market square with a few spots that have caught my eye. But most certainly, one should see stunning Victorian Upper, Central and Lower Gardens with the Bandstand, Aviary, Art Exhibition and a famous Pinewalk.






There are also Alum Chine and Boscombe Chine Gardens which I briefly saw from the City Sightseeing Bus Service. This was the last point of my trip’s itinerary, and thanks to that I managed to see some of the surrounding area, like Sandbanks, Poole Park, Poole Quay & Poole Old Town.

Bournemouth is certainly a city to spend more time at. A few places I saw are only a glimpse of what this city has to offer. At the end of my day I felt like I have seen so much yet there was still so much more to discover. One thing I can say straight away – that was the greatest place I’ve seen past Summer!

A bit of practical info for the end:

To get to Bournemouth from Eastbourne I had to change trains twice – in Brighton and in Southampton, but going from London you will only have to change once, at Clapham Junction.
City Sightseeing bus ticket will cost you only £12 and you can take a good look around the surrounding area. The option to chose if you have a bit more time is for sure ‘the upgrade’ to Bus and Boat combo ticket. For extra £8 you can see Old Harry Rocks – one of the most famous English chalk formations!
For more information about Bournemouth visit:












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