Arundel – how to get lost not wanting to be found

I have heard so much about Arundel Castle throughout my stay in England, that I definitely needed to go there past Summer. Funny thing is, I actually did not see the castle itself. Wait! No, I saw it from the distance and that would be about it. Not that I did not want to – it was my prime reason to travel there! But Arundel had so many other beautiful sights on my way to the Castle that I simply did not manage to make it on time before its visiting hours closing time!


But let’s start from the beginning. A bit of cloudy weather at the start of my journey did not scare me off. Firstly I visited Arundel Farmers Market where I could see (and taste 😉) some of the local specialties.



Then, I fell in love with the architecture of this town, its unique shops and one of the ice cream parlours with the coolest looking cones I’ve seen so far.













Lovely alleys and streets took me to the Arundel Catherdal which was a shocker, as I did not expect it to be such a grandeur building! This Roman Catholic Cathedral has Elizabeth Stratford as Organist and Master of the Choristers who is the first female holding the post of Director in an English Cathedral. Women power, eh :D?



I promised myself to go just a bit further to see what Arundel Castle Cricket Ground has to offer and make my way towards the castle. And then I discovered Hiorne Tower, beautiful grounds of Arundel Park surrounding it and… I completely lost my head. I felt like the old times of my childhood were back. Wandering through the South Downs National Park I reminded myself again how I used to play hide and seek and tag in the woods and how I wish I was a little girl again. I made some new friends on my way back to the town as well 😉.






Coming down the hills one definitely must choose the way passing by the Swanbourne Lake full of little boats to rent. Every single one has a funny name to it as well. My favourite one was definitely this one 😊:



If it wasn’t for WWT Arundel I think I would have made it to the castle but… it definitely was worth stopping by! Arundel Wetland Centre is a great place to connect with wildlife of wetlands. It has a lot of smart and interactive ways to attract visitors and make them interested in the natural world. A great place to spend an afternoon with children.


As I was coming back to the centre of the town and looking at the clock I knew immediately it was too late to see the castle properly, but it was exactly the right time o feed my rumbling belly in one of the loveliest places I passed by – Belinda’s 16th Century Tea Rooms.




If you’d like to find out what else you can see in Arundel, make sure you visit:


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