Alfriston – the gift of the Cuckmere Valley

Leaving Poland, one of my aims was to travel and see the beauty of British landscape. My journey in foreign land comes to an end and I feel like I barely started to make this plan happen. It had to change. Since past Summer was one of the hottest ones and I finally got my work-life balance, I could devote some of my time and energy to exploring some of the places. Someone once told me: dream big but start small. Coming from that, I decided that I will see some of the most beautiful sights situated nearby.


I was thinking a long time where to start. I was really indecisive until one day I picked up a leaflet at work, which described 124 East Sussex Tourist Trail operating throughout Summer. That was it! I did not wait too long and as soon as the first sunny weekend came along I jumped on board. In one of the vintage buses operating on this service I met a lovely ticket inspector who told me all about the  sights I could jump off to see. My first destination was Alfriston.

Named after a Saxon Lord (Aelfric) Alfriston is situated in the heart of the Cuckmere Valley. There are 4000 year old burial mounds laid out on the surrounding Downs.


This small village is full of tiny cafes and vintage shops. One can also admire views on Sussex Downs and even get on the trail to see some of it’s beauty.


What I liked the most about it? I’d say that the local shops and cafes with rural products were definitely something worth seeing. But the nicest place of all was the Much Ado BooksThis bookstore was definitely created by somebody who loves what they do for living. It definitely inspired me to coming back to reading books again. In today’s world ruled by technology, there is nothing better than the touch and the smell of paper on which the words are written.



One of the places also worth mentioning is Objet Trouve. This shop full of antiques and curiosities is another example of the fact that the passion in what you do is everything. It also reminded me of my student times and how much I liked the geologic side of it 😉


Visit Alfriston’s official website for more info about Alfriston and what’s on.

A bit more about 124 East Sussex Tourist Trail Service:

It operates on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays between May and August and most of the journeys are operated with Vintage and (weather permitting) Open Top Buses. In all of them there is a friendly conductor, ticket inspector or both – usually making fun of each other 😉 For more info visit and their Facebook page.















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